About Roy Savery

6 years, 8 months ago


Roy SaveryI’m Roy Savery and I enjoy writing about self-improvement because it is very important to me.  You see, years ago I discovered some principles that helped me to become very successful.  What’s more, I discovered that once you’ve learned these success principles you can apply them to almost any area of your life that you wish to develop.

In fact, they helped me to become a top Salesman, Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, an International Speaker, an Athlete,  a Personal Development Coach and an Author.

I’m not saying this to boast but to show that these success principles work. My wide experience and understanding of industry and business dynamics,  has enabled me to help people of all ages face life’s challenges with courage and confidence.  I have helped many people worldwide to design successful lives, which includes being happy, healthy and prosperous with a hope for the future.

I am also one of the fastest cyclists in the world for my age group.  Roy Savery

 have just competed in The World Masters Track Championship held in Manchester, UK, and came third, which makes me the third fastest track cyclist in the world for my age group.

One reason that I still compete is so that I can say to people, “If I can be successful, then so can you!”  You see,  I wasn’t always a successful person.  In fact, when I was a youth,  I used to hang around with gangs and got into trouble with the police and spent a few days in prison.  So,  if I can turn it around then so can you.

That’s why I like to share what I’ve learned with other people and became a Life Coach.  But I wanted to help more people so I wrote the book “Successful Living.” These Success Principles worked for me and you can use them to become good at the things that you enjoy.  

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