Five Easy Weight Loss Tips

6 years, 4 months ago

 Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Easily

If you have ever tried hard to diet but have failed then you’ve probably concluded that it’s very hard to lose weight.  Does it feel as though you have tried every diet there is but nothing has worked for you?

Well, there’s some good news for you so don’t give up because…

….you can achieve your goals with these easy weight loss tips!

Little Changes = Great Results

You have probably noticed that losing weight is not as instant as you had hoped.  For example, you can’t diet for two weeks, lose some weight, and then hope that it will stay off forever. The weight will probably come back again.

Why is that?

The reason is that dieting for two weeks does not change your lifestyle. The best weight-loss results are because of changes that you make to your daily life, and a lot of these changes are only small changes.

 If you have a wise plan you can carry on enjoying the foods that you love!

If you make a small change, get used to it and then make another change then your body will adjust to them.  If you make the changes gradually then it won’t seem like such a shock and you will lose weight and have the healthy body that you want sooner than you think!

 Here’s five easy weight loss tips to try:

 1 Drink low fat milk.  

This gives you the nutritious benefit of milk, but without the fat. Try substituting skimmed or semi-skinned milk in your cooking, coffee and cereal.

 2 Drink less soda.

Soda has loads of empty calories including sugar or aspartame.  You will greatly benefit your body if you drink water instead of soda. Water is vital for good health. It also helps your stomach to feel full and has no calories!

 * If you find it hard to kick soda then you could try alternating soda and water. This will help you to get used to drinking less soda whilst you increase your water intake.

3 Walk more.

If it’s hard to find the time to exercise regularly then try to walk more. Walking doesn’t feel like strenuous exercise, but it does exercise many muscles and you’ll feel better for it.

 Here are some easy weight loss tips that you can try:

 * Park farther away from stores so that you have to walk a bit further.

 * Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.

 * Go for a walk with your neighbor. You can visit, exercise and catch up all at the same time!

4 Be careful about your portion sizes.  

easy weight loss tipsThey are usually way too large. Check out what a healthy portion size is for the meal that you’ve chosen. The results could be surprising!

  • Start meals by drinking a glass of water.
  • Use a smaller plate then the smaller portions won’t look so small.
  • A good ratio of food to eat is to have on your plate half  of vegetables, quarter of protein and carbohydrates for the other quarter.
  • Serve yourself the correct portion of food and then don’t come back for seconds!

5 Cut down on desserts.

Avoid eating desserts every day because they can contain massive amounts of calories.  Instead save them for times when you deserve a special treat or for special occasions.

  • Only buy desserts for special meals so that  they don’t tempt you the rest of the time.
  • Keep plenty of healthy snacks to curb hunger in between meals.


You can easily incorporate these changes into your lifestyle one tip at a time so that they become  healthy habits.  Get used to one change and then add another one. They are only small changes but they add up and will enable you to achieve your easy weight loss goals!

 Do you have any easy weight loss tips?  If so please leave a comment below.

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