Five Ways to Create a Healthy Mind

6 years, 6 months ago

A healthy mind can make the difference between success and failure in any venture, whether you’re trying to lose weight, study for exams, trying out for a sports team or making new friends your efforts can be doomed to failure if you do not have a good attitude.

 Often a negative attitude causes you to think , “I can’t do it” and it becomes hard to make positive choices but then a “eureka” moment comes when one day we “How did things get to this state”.  Then we realize that things have to change – that we must change our attitude and develop a healthy mind.

 For example, you may discover that your attitude towards life has caused your physical health to deteriorate and you realise that you have to deal with it.

 Do you want to do things differently?  Do you think that you need to develop a healthier mindset? Can you achieve a more healthy lifestyle?

  •  Sometimes the busyness of modern life makes it hard to have a healthy lifestyle. but it is possible to begin to live more healthily, right now, if you decide to develop a healthy mind.

 Even if your attitude tends to be pessimistic it’s still possible to develop a healthy mind if you adopt the correct methods.

How To Develop a Healthy Mind

1 Realise that a healthy mind starts with responsibility and self control.

You have the power in your hands to make change happen and once you realise that you can start to transform your mind and your physique.

healthy mindPositive people achieve positive things. If you look around you at the people who achieve great things you will realise that:

  •  They all have a positive attitude.
  •  If they can do it then so can you.

 2 Forgive yourself for past failures and focus on the future

Many people reflect about their past and think that they would like to adopt a more positive attitude. Then they’re hard on themselves for being negative and for not having the attitude and responses that they desire. This negative response doesn’t achieve anything though, so instead

  •  focus on  your desire to have a healthy mind and set yourself goals for achieving it instead of being upset that you respond to situations in a negative way.

3 Build a Safe and Healthy Support Network

A very effective way to develop a healthier mind is to learn how to manage stress more effectively.  Some people find that writing in a blog or a journal each day relieves stress. Others find that chatting with friends or joining a support group helps them.

  •  Releasing your thoughts and emotions helps to reduce stress.  A good support network is one  way to do it but you could find other ways that suit you.

4 Eat Healthily and take enough rest

It’s essential to eat good food and to take enough rest to develop a healthy mind. When you eat nutritious, healthy food and get plenty of rest you will feel better as a result. You will feel refreshed – mentally and physically.

This will be a great start towards developing a better mindset even if you normally tend to respond to situations in a negative way. You’ll find that if you take steps to limit your stress and treat your body with care then you’ll be able to acquire a healthier mindset.  If you combine this with positive thinking you will find that suddenly the world will become a more positive place.

5 Make positive Affirmations

For example, you could start every day by saying an affirmation like, “I make good choices that benefit my mind, body and soul.”  It’s good to start the day by making positive affirmations so that you make a good start to the day but you can make affirmations at any time.  It’s especially good to make positive affirmations in a moment of weakness, when you’re tempted to do something wrong, for example if you’re tempted to respond negatively to a situation, binge on junk food or watch a late night movie instead of going to bed.

  •  Begin to affirm the positives in your life to develop positive thinking. Positive affirmations are powerful for reprogramming your mind so that you start to think more positively and in a healthy way.


Anyone can develop a healthy mind that has drive and passion.  No-one who has a good physique, wealth and happiness got it automatically.  They would have earned them by working hard and making positive decisions.

Instead of being jealous of others for what they have it is far better to take responsibility for yourself and be motivated by the success of others to achieve similar things.  This is how people who have developed a healthy mind react to situations.

When you start to make better choices about food and  rest and start to think more positively then you will be creating a healthy mind and you will discover a new happier, healthier life!    

What do you think of this article?  Do you have any suggestions for building a healthy mind?  If so please leave a comment below.  

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