How To Combat Negative Thoughts

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Revealed – the way to Combat Negative Thoughts

Here’s an interesting article, by Susan J Meyerott,  about how to how to combat negative thoughts by turning  negative thoughts into positive action .

“Worrying does not empty today of its troubles, it empties tomorrow of its strength.” Mary Engelbreit

“The Secret Decoded

Do you ever wake up with doubts, anxiety or insecurities? I do. It’s those little whispers in my brain causing my heart to race and my stomach to flutter until I pause to identify ‘what’s up’.

Over the years I’ve learned the secret to befriending these physical messages. I’ve developed a more positive interpretation of the role my brain plays in producing the unsettling messages, and this helps me transition faster from reacting fearfully to taking calm, conscious action. So what’s the secret? It’s simple. I know my brain cares about me.

A Womb with a View

combat negative thoughtsBecause my brain cares, I think of it as my womb with a view–a warm, caring place from which I can safely look out into the world around me and begin living each day. My womb with a view comes with womb service. The little whispers causing those anxious feelings are just friendly, pre-scheduled wake up calls.

Although the messages from within are initially unnerving, they become my call to action. I now embrace the friendly service call to ‘wake up!’ and make a conscious choice to do something, or to do nothing and let it be. By converting my anxiety into womb service, I have re-framed those morning whispers from ‘start-your-day-anxious and in avoidance’ to ‘start-your-day-calm-and-conscious’.

Everything Is (Secretly) Okay!

My lifelong friend, Karen, is a very successful CEO Coach who has lived life fully engaged. She is amazing. She is also a worrier and full of self-doubt. During our last visit together, Karen’s husband, Bill, shared an affirmation he began whispering into Karen’s ear: “Karen, Everything is (Secretly) Okay!” It made me laugh!

I couldn’t believe what a perfect message this was–not only for Karen, but for all of us. It made Karen laugh and let go, and it spoke to a deep truth about the foundation of worries, self-doubt and anxiety in us all.

Learn What You Do Want from What You Don’t

Our worries, anxieties and fears are always about things we don’t want to happen. If you can identify what you don’t want to happen, you can turn it around to identify what you do want and work to make it happen.

When that secret worry begins to tie your stomach in knots, let it wake you up to what’s bothering you and name what you fear. Begin by affirming ‘everything is (secretly) okay!’, and then ask these three questions:

What is it about the message behind my womb service I fear?

What do I fear will happen that I don’t want to happen?

What do I want to happen?

Hello, Womb Service?

You have one new message from your brain: “Everything is (Secretly) Okay!” Wake up to the possibilities. Wake up to new beginnings.

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” Abraham

International speaker and author, Susan Meyerott provides dynamic interactive workshops for people ready to better manage their work, life and health and combat negative thoughts. She speaks to your heart, puts you at ease, and makes changing easier than ever before. For more than 30 years, Susan has helped people lighten up and step over invisible barriers to change. For more information, visit her website.

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