How To Eat Healthy on a budget

5 years, 9 months ago

eat healthy on a budgetWith the economy being tough at the moment, it’s important to figure out ways to eat healthy on a budget.  With a bit of planning you will find it easy to purchase healthy food that is ideal for your budget.

Creating a plan and adhering to it will help you to purchase more healthy food at lower cost and enable you to create much better, healthier meals.

 Here are some great shopping tips that will help you to eat healthy on a budget:

1.  Set aside some time for you to plan your food purchases.   Look at the sales advertisements for each one of the supermarkets in your town and choose your foods for that coming week in advance.

2.  Create a list.   After you’ve planned your purchases write down all you need for every meal. Look at your larder, refrigerator and freezer to ascertain if you have a few of the products. Make your grocery list and then stick to it!

  •  Include what you’ll need for snacks, drinks, and desserts.
  •   Remember cooking ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, herbs and spices.
  •  Replenish your cleaning supplies.

3.   Clip out coupons for products that you realize you’ll use.   Leave the rest of the coupons in your own home so you aren’t enticed to “save” cash on products that you don’t need.

4.   Never go food shopping before eating anything because you’re more prone to buy products that appear to be good instead of items on your list.

  •  If you cannot visit the store immediately after meals, take with you a quick snack that will help you to resist temptation whilst you’re in the store.

5.   Buy products around the perimeter of the store first  because those products are likely to be the healthiest options.  This can include fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.  The products in the center of the store are the processed or convenience meals.  They are not only more costly but they aren’t as healthy.

6.  Buy store brands.   There usually isn’t much difference in the quality but you will certainly notice the difference in the cost.

7.   Look for fruits and vegetables which are in season because these will usually be less expensive than out of season options. While you’re searching in the fruit and vegetable section check out if there any price reductions amongst them.

  •  Choose large bags instead of individual pieces of fruit. The bigger bags usually work out cheaper.

 Other Ways to Eat Healthy on a budget.

 1.  Eat your meals at home.   You can control what you eat and can, additionally, save yourself a great deal of money.

  •   Eating out also encourages overeating because portions tend to be massive.

2.  Make your own snacks for when you go out as it is much cheaper than buying food in a cafe or from a vending machine. Fresh fruit and vegetable sticks with a dip are much healthier and cheaper than buying snacks from a machine.

3.  Drink healthily.  Finally, when trying to eat healthy on a budget, remember to consider what you’re drinking. Costly, sugar-laden drinks would be the bane of the budget and counter-productive to healthy eating.

  •  Cut out sodas.
  • Look for 100% pure juices.
  • Drink more water.

If you try this advice, you’ll soon discover the fun of healthy eating and you’ll cut costs along the way.   It will take a bit of extra time to plan your meals but the benefits of doing so are immense!

What did you think of this article about how to eat healthy on a budget?  If you have any tips that you would like to share about how to eat healthy on a budget please leave a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for a very informative article, Roy. Really useful at the moment in these financial times! I especially liked your tip about eating before you go shopping – ingenious! 🙂

  2. Hi, Roy. This is a really useful article. I think that, after reading this, I’m going to get more value for my money when I go shopping 😉 Cheers!

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