How to Visualize Success

4 years, 7 months ago

how to visualize successVisualization is an important technique which helps you to manifest any goal. With practice you will only need to spend about 5 to 10 minutes each day visualizing but the results will be well worth it.

 Follow these tips to visualize success and get  dramatic results:

 1. Visualize often.

For best results visualize at least twice each day. The best times to visualize are while you’re still in bed, early in the morning and just before falling asleep. You mind is usually more open and relaxed at those times.

 2. Be thorough.

Envizioning yourself accomplishing your goal is just the beginning. To be thorough, visualize your life as a whole, including all the changes that you would make as a result of achieving your objective.  Imagine positive outcomes for your life.  When you do this you make your vision appear real enough to make profound effects.

  •  For example, if you want to achieve greater wealth then imagining a big pile of money on your kitchen table would not be a big enough incentive to achieve your goal. Instead imagine what your bank statement would look like with a huge balance on it and imagine yourself having the house and car that you desire.
  • Also, imagine the holidays that you would take with your extra wealth and anything else that you might change.
  • Dream of the kind of lifestyle that you desire and imagine yourself hanging out with positive, successful people 

 3. Use whatever comes to you.

When you visualize success you’re likely to feel certain emotions. These emotions are the key to predicting your future outcome. If you feel confident and excited when you visualize then that’s good and shows that you’re well on your way. However, if you feel any negative emotions that shows that you have more work to do.

 • Try to determine the reason for any negative feelings and deal with them. Keep a list of the issues that arise and make a plan for resolving them.

 4. Write it down.

Don’t try to do everything in your head. Write out your visualization once each week, and be as detailed as possible. What are your thoughts? How do they make you feel? What can you hear, see, smell and taste? It’s worth it to read aloud your visualization at least once each day because it’s more effective if you use more senses and learning modalities.

 • Imagine your dreams becoming real. Read them to yourself like a story and read them aloud so that you can hear them, too. This is much more effective than just daydreaming about your goals occasionally.

 Visualization is a powerful tool when you use it properly. If you incorporate visualization into your routine and do it twice each day you will see some significant results pretty quickly.

 This simple system is a surefire way to see yourself succeeding.  Just remember: it’s important to remember to visualize your entire life with the new change in place, not just the change itself. The more complete the visualization, the better the results. 

Try these tips out today, and you will find that true success is just around the corner! 

Do you have any tips for visualizing success?  If so please leave a comment below.

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