Revealed – The True Meaning of Being Healthy

6 years, 9 months ago

Being healthy can mean different things to different people.  So what does being healthy really mean?  In this interesting article Phil Tucker provides some answers.

What Does Being “Healthy” Really Mean?

By Phil Tucker

“Too often these days we are told what health is by pointing out examples of what it isn’t. People talk about the rising trends in obesity and diabetes, in the low quality of standard American nutrition, in how too few people exercise, and how the number of heart attacks and other disease related deaths are rising through a negligence of our basic health. Yet all these things tell us what health isn’t, not what it is, so perhaps it’s a good idea to go back to basics and examine what the word health should mean to all of us. Does it mean ripped muscles? Does it mean never catching a cold? In today’s article we’re going to take a look, and let you know.

being healthyThe idea of health has evolved greatly, but still revolves around some basic tenets. Health to the Ancient Greeks involved being physically and mentally active; indeed they thought you could not be truly healthy unless you exercised both the mind and the body. As such all citizens were encouraged to partake in physical competitions and games while also practicing their minds and increasing their sharpness by engaging in philosophical pursuits and being active citizens of their nation states.

Since then, the idea of health has often changed, but today what we understand health to mean involves some basic tenets as well. We know that getting plenty of sleep, eating nutritious whole foods and getting plenty of exercise all lead to increased health. But how much of each is necessary?

Doctors advise that we should all be getting at least eight hours of sleep, though most of us force ourselves to get by with far less than that, aided in part by coffee and accepting dull, lethargic days. We are also told that getting plenty of sleep is the basis of remaining strong, fit, and having a powerful immune system.  Second, correct nutrition involves eating a wide array of colorful fruits and vegetables, along with plenty of protein, some fat, and some carbs.  Starchy carbs should be avoided, and we should endeavor to eat plenty of lean protein such as fish and poultry to ensure maximal health. Finally, we should all strive for at least thirty minutes of exercise a day if not more, so that we are able to retain our strength which both helps our skeletal and muscular systems remain young and holds diseases at bay”.

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