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6 years, 10 months ago

Here’s an interesting Article about the importance of Right Thinking for Success by Natasa Denman.

“The Four Critical Levels of Thinking for Success

“How are you able to do everything that you do and still have time for your very young family and yourself?” I get asked this question many times over as I go through my everyday life. You see, I have the same 24 hours that you do. Prioritising and making choices of how I think may be the difference of how I get the results that I do. I didn’t invent the four critical levels of thinking (Anthony Robbins should be credited for that), but I did give them names that are easy to understand and follow once you get a clear picture of what each one means. So let’s get into each of them and show you how you can use this useful piece of information to create change in your life where you may be stuck or lacking momentum.

Level 1 Thinking

(Doing what feels good, is good for you, others and the greater good) – I call this Mastery. The goal in life should be to collect as many Level 1 experiences that you can.

successFor example, if you are an avid runner and go out even when the weather is bad and you don’t feel like it because it makes you feel great regardless, than this is a Level 1 Thinking activity for you.



Level 2 Thinking

(Doing what doesn’t feel good but is good for you, others and the greater good) – I call this the Stretch Zone. I help a lot of people around creating a winning mindset to lose their unwanted weight and this is the level I get them to focus on. Eating the right foods and exercising does not feel good in the beginning, but it is definitely good for them, others and the greater good. The only way to Level 1 is via Level 2 thinking. If there was one thing I would like you to remember from this article, it is just this. New results and experience will only come about if you spend time in the Stretch Zone.

Level 3 Thinking

(Doing what feels good but is not good for you, others or the greater good) – I call this the Comfort Zone. If you don’t want anything to change, you may choose to remain here. It is cosy, familiar and comfortable. This is where people that are stuck keep hanging out. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – also known as the definition of insanity. Eating as you always have, remaining on the couch night after night and expecting to see a change in the way you look and feel. Highly unlikely!

Level 4 Thinking

(Doing what doesn’t feel good and is not good for you, others and the greater good) – I call this Self Sabotage. Not only are you spending most of your time in the Comfort Zone, but now you start repeating behaviours that make you unhappy or you procrastinate for days, weeks and months over taking action. It’s not a nice place to be, so avoided at all cost indulging in this level of thinking.

So where to from here? If you want change, you need to hang out in the Stretch Zone more than the Comfort Zone. The more you Stretch, the closer and faster you will achieve Mastery in the new challenging area you are working on. Level 2 is the secret! Keep growing and learning and the world of opportunities and choices will start opening up to you. Mastery is awaiting you on the other side of the corner.

Thomas Edison said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Natasa Denman
Lifestylist/Weight Loss Coach/Author/Presenter

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